About Us

teresa staleyMurals & Faux by Design is a mural and decorative painting company located in Houston, Texas, founded  in 1998 by artist Teresa L Staley, who studied at the Art Institute of Houston and graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Visual Communications.

TL Staley has worked for different design firms and artists in the Houston area and has vast experience working alongside interior designers, builders, real estate agents, and architects.    Teresa has been running a mural company for over sixteen years and is involved in many art shows in Houston, Tx.  

Through all the years of experience painting residential and commercial properties, our company combined professionalism and a passion for art that helps us to achieve our main goal, that is the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our murals can be done in different techniques: oil or acrylic on canvas, or painted directly on walls and ceilings. Faux finishes are a result of a combination of an extended gamma of products and techniques, which give a wide variety of different colors and textures.

There are absolutely no limitations to the themes or the dimensions of our murals. We listen to our client’s ideas, and then offer our artistic suggestions, to create together a unique and customized mural or faux finish to fit any wall or ceiling that will complement their home or business.

Murals & Faux by Design now adorn some of the most affluent homes and commercial properties in Houston and surrounding areas. Teresa has traveled extensively throughout America, Central America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Teresa has also done many art projects abroad.